Strategic moves for the global energy transition


GustoMSC is an important player in the energy transition field as we enable companies to operate more efficiently and sustainably in both the offshore wind energy and offshore oil & gas markets. We are engineers of integrated total solutions that enable these companies to expand their possibilities. Based on our history and our experience with designing over 250 units, we are able to develop smart applications, anticipate the latest developments and make the right moves at the right times. In this playing field, commercial directors Barend Jenje and Jan-Mark Meeuwisse are mainly active in the offshore wind energy market and commercial directors Alain Wassink and Rutger Baan focus on the offshore oil & gas market. Which strategies do they pursue in the current offshore market and how do they tackle the challenges in the energy transition?


GustoMSC is right in the middle of the current market developments. It is clear that the
role of oil & gas in the global energy supply is changing, with an increasing contribution of offshore wind. The transition and how it will unfold cannot be predicted accurately. Our sales and business development teams work closely with our clients on how to deal with the energy transition and, from a practical point of view, they provide advice on the solutions that are available.

From left to right: Alain Wassink, Jan-Mark Meeuwisse, Barend Jenje and Rutger Baan.


The energy transition is receiving a lot of attention, and the internationally agreed sustainability goals are far-reaching. Sustainability certainly plays a role in the western world of contractors, such as in the case of heavy lifting, pipelaying and oil field services in oil & gas, often in combination with new markets that are arising as a result of the transition. In the Drilling sector, increasing sustainability is a process that is unfolding relatively slowly. In particular, because drilling is a day-rate driven market.

"Based on in-depth knowledge of our product's functionalities, and a thorough understanding of the client's operational needs, we help our clients make responsible and carefully-considered decisions."


The European Union is far ahead where alternative energy forms are concerned. Europe appears to be preparing for a real energy transition. Offshore wind is spreading its wings overseas, for instance in the US and Asia, and is transitioning towards the new double-digit wind turbines. Other countries can benefit from the experience gained by the EU market leaders and jumpstart their local developments. The ambitious energy and climate plans are a boost to offshore wind industry worldwide.


As is the case in the oil & gas market, we see that cooperation is very important in the renewables market. Cooperation with other parties and our parent company NOV is crucial to develop the necessary advanced technology which in itself is not directly sustainable, but which does enable sustainability and support the market to take steps in the energy transition. Consequently, we are in constant contact with the industry leaders. We aim to be a trustworthy and reliable partner that can make the difference for the client. However, the question is: can we realize the agreed goals through evolution or is a revolution required for the energy transition? This is the challenge in which innovation plays an important role. It is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to make working offshore not only safer and more efficient but also more sustainable through open innovation in cooperation with other parties.