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OSS provides real-time guidance to the operator based on data generated by equipment on board.

How does the Operating Support System work?

GustoMSC offers the MAX Platform as a Service

The OSS is an application layer built on top of the NOV MAX™ big data and analytics platform. This platform allows real-time data to be extracted via edge devices. That data can then be stored in the cloud, where it can be analyzed and shared securely with clients.

MAX Benefits

The NOV MAX big data platform makes it possible to focus on data analysis and decision making without the headache of having to maintain a data delivery structure.

Reliable data

A fast and reliable internet connection is not always available offshore. That is why the edge devices buffer the data, so nothing gets lost.

Easily connect any piece of equipment
MAX covers most of the communication protocols used in the industry, which makes it easy to import data from and export data to any piece of equipment.

Fast software

Modern software is no longer a monolithic block of code. MAX’s microservice architecture makes it easier to create new services and maintain them.

User-friendly access to all your data
The AccessNOV portal provides a user-friendly window into what’s going on. That way users can focus on data analysis, while MAX handles data delivery.

The OSS is about transforming big data into big value

GustoMSC, a designer and supplier of key equipment, is in a unique position to discover the insights that lie hidden in the data. MAX allows us to condense these insights into OSS applications and other digital services that will benefit our end users.

OSS Benefits

GustoMSC delivers the Operator Support System – Software as a Service.

Reliable applications
The OSS applications inherit the architecture of the MAX platform. An internet connection is not required for the applications to work.

User-friendly interface
The interface uses the most flexible HMI available: the web browser. That makes the applications highly portable. If necessary, data can also be pushed to the equipment HMI.

Remote updates
Most equipment on board never receives a software update during its operational life. The microservice architecture makes it easy to improve and update our services

We are proud to jointly develop tools that utilize big data to assist our crew in safely optimizing their offshore operations. This is a great example of Lifting Your Potential.
Jan Schanke-Jorgensen COO Fred. Olsen Windcarrier

Paper presented at SNAME Offshore Symposium April 2021, Houston Texas

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