All mobile offshore units generate a constant stream of data. But only a fraction of this information is utilized further than the nearest operator. When we store this wealth of data, analyze it intelligently and make it accessible, it transforms into something valuable. GustoMSC designs applications that do precisely that.

The Operator Support System (OSS) connects systems and people, extracts, and intelligently combines all available data and translates the relevant information into key operational support. This results in the maximization of offshore performance.

How does the Operating Support System work?

The OSS consists of a variety of applications that provide real-time guidance to the operator based on data generated by equipment on board. The OSS is an application layer built on top of the NOV MAX™ big data and analytics platform. This platform allows real-time data to be extracted via edge devices. That data can be stored in the cloud where it can be analyzed and shared securely with clients.

As a designer and supplier of key equipment, GustoMSC is in a unique position to find the insights that are hidden in the data. GustoMSC uses its advanced knowledge of the systems and their interaction to create applications that make a difference. The first two applications that will be available are OSS.Jack and OSS.Lift. Both applications increase the safety and the performance of wind turbine installation vessels during preloading and lifting operations. They will be released in the first quarter of 2021.


OSS.Jack gives real-time guidance during preloading operations. Instead of relying on human judgment, the application applies algorithms to the jacking system data to guide the operator efficiently towards a safe preload level.


OSS.Lift makes the crane operator aware of the limitations imposed by the jack-up by verifying the acceptability of the lifting operation based on real-time data. That allows operators to unlock the full potential of the wind turbine installation jack-up and designers to combine a given jack-up with a significantly larger crane without comprising safety

New features based on the latest insights

GustoMSC builds its OSS applications in close cooperation with their end-users. The OSS development team uses the Agile methodology to develop and maintain the applications, meaning that new features can be added along the way based on the latest insights and requirements. Always giving the operator optimum guidance in making safe and efficient decisions.


• Enhancing the safety and efficiency of daily operations
• Maximizing the usage of the unit capabilities
• Always the latest version of the application
• Third-party access through the cloud
• No connection to the cloud is required for OSS to run
• Up-to-date data security
• Simple and highly portable HMI interface

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